Virtual File Explorer Module

What is Virtual File Explorer Module?

Virtual File Explorer Module provided a simple UI to view all files in virtual file system.

Virtual File Explorer Module is not installed for the startup templates. So, you need to manually add this module to your application.


1- Referencing Virtual File Explorer Module Packages

It is recommended to use the ABP CLI to install the module, open the CMD window in the solution file (.sln) directory, and run the following command:

abp add-module Volo.VirtualFileExplorer

Or you can also manually install nuget package to Acme.MyProject.Web project:

2- Adding Module Dependencies

  • Open MyProjectWebModule.csand add typeof(AbpVirtualFileExplorerWebModule) as shown below;
    public class MyProjectWebModule : AbpModule

3- Adding NPM Package

  • Open package.json and add @abp/virtual-file-explorer": "^2.9.0 as shown below:
      "version": "1.0.0",
      "name": "my-app",
      "private": true,
      "dependencies": {
          "@abp/aspnetcore.mvc.ui.theme.basic": "^2.9.0",
          "@abp/virtual-file-explorer": "^2.9.0"

Then open the command line terminal in the Acme.MyProject.Web project folder and run the following command:

  1. yarn
  2. gulp

That's all,Now run the application and Navigate to /VirtualFileExplorer. You will see virtual file explorer page:



You can disabled virtual file explorer module via AbpVirtualFileExplorerOptions options:

public override void PreConfigureServices(ServiceConfigurationContext context)
    PreConfigure<AbpVirtualFileExplorerOptions>(options =>
        options.IsEnabled = false;
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