Identity Management Module

Identity module is used to manage organization units, roles, users and their permissions, based on the Microsoft Identity library.

See the source code. Documentation will come soon...

Identity Security Log

The security log can record some important operations or changes about your account. You can save the security log if needed.

You can inject and use IdentitySecurityLogManager or ISecurityLogManager to write security logs. It will create a log object by default and fill in some common values, such as CreationTime, ClientIpAddress, BrowserInfo, current user/tenant, etc. Of course, you can override them.

await IdentitySecurityLogManager.SaveAsync(new IdentitySecurityLogContext()
	Identity = "IdentityServer";
	Action = "ChangePassword";

Configure AbpSecurityLogOptions to provide the application name for the log or disable this feature. Enabled by default.

Configure<AbpSecurityLogOptions>(options =>
	options.ApplicationName = "AbpSecurityTest";
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