Migration Guide for the Blazor UI from the v3.2 to the v3.3

Startup Template Changes

  • Remove Volo.Abp.Account.Blazor NuGet package from your .Blazor.csproj and add Volo.Abp.TenantManagement.Blazor NuGet package.
  • Remove the typeof(AbpAccountBlazorModule) from the dependency list of YourProjectBlazorModule class and add the typeof(AbpTenantManagementBlazorModule).
  • Add @using Volo.Abp.BlazoriseUI and @using Volo.Abp.BlazoriseUI.Components into the _Imports.razor file.
  • Remove the div with id="blazor-error-ui" (with its contents) from the wwwroot/index.html file, since the ABP Framework now shows error messages as a better message box.
  • Update theAddOidcAuthentication options in your YourProjectBlazorModule class as described in the issue #5913.

BlazoriseCrudPageBase to AbpCrudPageBase

Renamed BlazoriseCrudPageBase to AbpCrudPageBase. Just update the usages. It also has some changes, you may need to update method calls/usages manually.

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