Angular UI v4.x to v5.0 Migration Guide

This document is for the ABP MVC / Razor Pages UI. See also the main migration guide.


See the overall list of breaking changes:

  • Bootstrap 5 implementation #10067
  • Remove NGXS dependency & states #9952
  • Install @angular/localize package to startup templates #10099
  • Create new secondary entrypoints and move the related proxies to there #10060
  • Move SettingTabsService to @abp/ng.setting-management/config package from @abp/ng.core #10061
  • Make the @abp/ng.account dependent on @abp/ng.identity #10059
  • Set default abp-modal size medium #10118
  • Update all dependency versions to the latest #9806
  • Chart.js big include with CommonJS warning #7472

Angular v12

The new ABP Angular UI is based on Angular v12. We started to compile Angular UI packages with the Ivy compilation. Therefore, new packages only work with Angular v12. If you are still on the older version of Angular v12, you have to update to Angular v12. The update is usually very easy. See Angular Update Guide for further information.

ABP Angular UI is not yet compatible with Angular v13 due to some issues.

Bootstrap 5

ABP 5.0 now works with Bootstrap 5. For details, please refer to the official migration guide provided by Bootstrap.

We have updated dependencies of the ThemeShared package, therefore when you update @abp/ng.theme.shared, it will install the necessary dependencies.


Bootstrap 5 provides its own CSS file for RTL(right-to-left) languages. Therefore, we have removed bootstrap-rtl.min.css from @abp/ng.theme.shared.

In angular.json, make the following change:


"node_modules/@abp/ng.theme.shared/styles/bootstrap-rtl.min.css" with


  // ...
    "styles": [{
      "input": "node_modules/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.rtl.min.css",
      "inject": false,
      "bundleName": "bootstrap-rtl.min"

That's it for open source templates.


Starting from version 5.0, Lepton styles get bundled with Bootstrap. That's why you don't need to provide bootstrap styles in angular.json anymore.

Remove the following two objects from the styles array in angular.json

  // ...
    "styles": [{
      "input": "node_modules/@abp/ng.theme.shared/styles/bootstrap-rtl.min.css",
      "inject": false,
      "bundleName": "bootstrap-rtl.min"
      "input": "node_modules/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css",
      "inject": true,
      "bundleName": "bootstrap-ltr.min"

After you have implemented the necessary changes explained by Bootstrap, it should be good to go.

NGXS has been removed

We aim to make the ABP Framework free of any state-management solutions. ABP developers should be able to use the ABP Framework with any library/framework of their choice. So, we decided to remove NGXS from ABP packages.

If you'd like to use NGXS after upgrading to v5.0, you have to install the NGXS to your project. The package can be installed with the following command:

npm install @ngxs/store

# or

yarn add @ngxs/store

NGXS states and actions, some namespaces have been removed. See this issue for the details.

If you don't want to use the NGXS, you should remove all NGXS related imports, injections, etc., from your project.

@angular/localize package

@angular/localize dependency has been removed from @abp/ng.core package. The package must be installed in your app. Run the following command to install:

npm install @angular/[email protected]

# or

yarn add @angular/[email protected]

ABP Angular UI packages are not dependent on the @angular/localize package. However, some packages (like @ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap) depend on the package. Thus, this package needs to be installed in your project.

Proxy endpoints

New endpoints named proxy have been created, related proxies have moved. For example; before v5.0, IdentityUserService could be imported from @abp/ng.identity. As of v5.0, the service can be imported from @abp/ng.identity/proxy. See an example:

import { IdentityUserService } from '@abp/ng.identity/proxy';

export class YourComponent {
  constructor(private identityUserService: IdentityUserService) {}

Following proxies have been affected:

  • @abp/ng.account to @abp/ng.account.core/proxy
  • @abp/ng.feature-management to @abp/ng.feature-management/proxy
  • @abp/ng.identity to @abp/ng.identity/proxy
  • @abp/ng.permission-management to @abp/ng.permission-management/proxy
  • @abp/ng.tenant-management to @abp/ng.tenant-management/proxy
  • ProfileService is deleted from @abp/ng.core. Instead, you can import it from @abp/ng.identity/proxy


SettingTabsService has moved from @abp/ng.core to @abp/ng.setting-management/config.


ChartComponent has moved from @abp/ng.theme.shared to @abp/ng.components/chart.js. To use the component, you need to import the ChartModule to your module as follows:

import { ChartModule } from '@abp/ng.components/chart.js';

  imports: [
    // ...
  // ...
export class YourFeatureModule {}
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