You can get settings on the client-side using the config state service if they are allowed by their setting definition on the server-side.

This document only explains how settings work in the Angular UI projects. See the settings document to understand the ABP setting system.

Before Use

To use the ConfigStateService, you must inject it in your class as a dependency. You do not have to provide the service explicitly, because it is already provided in root.

import { ConfigStateService } from '@abp/ng.core';

  /* class metadata here */
class DemoComponent {
  constructor(private config: ConfigStateService) {}

How to Get a Specific Setting

You can use the getSetting method of ConfigStateService to get a specific setting from the configuration state. Here is an example:

// this.config is instance of ConfigStateService

const defaultLang = this.config.getSetting("Abp.Localization.DefaultLanguage");
// 'en'

How to Get All Settings From the Store

You can use the getSettings method of ConfigStateService to obtain all settings as an object where the object properties are setting names and property values are setting values.

// this.config is instance of ConfigStateService

const settings = this.config.getSettings();
// all settings as a key value pair

Additionally, the method lets you search settings by passing a keyword to it.

const localizationSettings = this.config.getSettings("Localization");
	'Abp.Localization.DefaultLanguage': 'en'

Beware though, settings search is case-sensitive.

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