ASP.NET Core MVC / Razor Pages UI: JavaScript Logging API

abp.log API is used to write simple logs in the client side.

The logs are written to console, using the console.log, by default.

This document is for simple client side logging. See the Logging document for server side logging system.

Basic Usage

Use one of the methods based on the severity of your log message.

abp.log.debug("Some debug log here..."); //Logging a simple debug message{ name: "john", age: 42 }); //Logging an object as an information log
abp.log.warn("A warning message"); //Logging a warning message
abp.log.error('An error happens...'); //Error message
abp.log.fatal('Network connection has gone away!'); //Fatal error

Log Levels

There are 5 levels for a log message:

  • DEBUG = 1
  • INFO = 2
  • WARN = 3
  • ERROR = 4
  • FATAL = 5

These are defined in the abp.log.levels object (like abp.log.levels.WARN).

Changing the Current Log Level

You can control the log level as shown below:

abp.log.level = abp.log.levels.WARN;

Default log level is DEBUG.

Logging with Specifying the Level

Instead of calling function, you can use the abp.log.log by specifying the log level as a parameter:

abp.log.log("log message...", abp.log.levels.INFO);
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