CMS Kit: Global Resources

CMS Kit Global Resources system allows to add global styles and scripts dynamically.

The User Interface

Menu items

CMS Kit module admin side adds the following items to the main menu, under the Global Resources menu item:

  • Global Resources: Global resources management page.

CmsKitAdminMenus class has the constants for the menu item names.

Global Resources Page

Global Resources page is used to manage global styles and scripts in the system.



Domain Layer


This module follows the Entity Best Practices & Conventions guide.

  • GlobalResource (aggregate root): Stores a resource.


This module follows the Repository Best Practices & Conventions guide.

Following custom repositories are defined for this feature:

  • IGlobalResourceRepository

Domain services

This module follows the Domain Services Best Practices & Conventions guide.

Global Resource Manager

GlobalResourceManager is used to perform operations for the GlobalResource aggregate root.

Application layer

Application services

  • GlobalResourceAdminAppService (implements IGlobalResourceAdminAppService): Implements the management operations of global resources system.
  • GlobalResourcePublicAppService (implements IGlobalResourcePublicAppService): Implements the public use cases of global resources system.


Entity Framework Core

  • CmsGlobalResources


  • CmsGlobalResources
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