Entity Framework Core PostgreSQL Integration

See Entity Framework Core Integration document for the basics of the EF Core integration.

EntityFrameworkCore Project Update

  • In Acme.BookStore.EntityFrameworkCore project replace package Volo.Abp.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer with Volo.Abp.EntityFrameworkCore.PostgreSql
  • Update to use PostgreSQL in BookStoreEntityFrameworkCoreModule
    • Replace the AbpEntityFrameworkCoreSqlServerModule with the AbpEntityFrameworkCorePostgreSqlModule
    • Replace the options.UseSqlServer() with the options.UsePostgreSql()
  • In other projects update the PostgreSQL connection string in necessary appsettings.json files

Delete Existing Migrations

Delete all existing migration files (including DbContextModelSnapshot)


Regenerate Initial Migration & Update the Database

Set the correct startup project (usually a web project), Open the Package Manager Console (Tools -> Nuget Package Manager -> Package Manager Console), select the Acme.BookStore.EntityFrameworkCore.DbMigrations as the Default project and execute the following command:

Run Add-Migration command.

PM> Add-Migration Initial

Then execute the Update-Database command to update the database schema:

PM> Update-Database


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