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Getting Started

This document assumes that you prefer to use Blazor Server as the UI framework and MongoDB as the database provider. For other options, please change the preference on top of this document.

Create a New Project

We will use the ABP CLI to create a new ABP project.

Alternatively, you can create and download projects from the ABP Framework website by easily selecting all options from the page.

Use the new command of the ABP CLI to create a new project:

abp new Acme.BookStore -u blazor-server -d mongodb --tiered

You can use different level of namespaces; e.g. BookStore, Acme.BookStore or Acme.Retail.BookStore.

  • --tiered argument is used to create N-tiered solution where authentication server, UI and API layers are physically separated.

ABP CLI document covers all of the available commands and options.

Mobile Development

If you want to include a React Native project in your solution, add -m react-native (or --mobile react-native) argument to project creation command. This is a basic React Native startup template to develop mobile applications integrated to your ABP based backends.

See the Getting Started with the React Native document to learn how to configure and run the React Native application.

The Solution Structure

The solution has a layered structure (based on the Domain Driven Design) and contains unit & integration test projects. See the application template document to understand the solution structure in details.

MongoDB Transactions

The startup template disables transactions in the .MongoDB project by default. If your MongoDB server supports transactions, you can enable it in the YourProjectMongoDbModule class's ConfigureServices method:

Configure<AbpUnitOfWorkDefaultOptions>(options =>
  options.TransactionBehavior = UnitOfWorkTransactionBehavior.Auto;

Or you can delete that code since Auto is already the default behavior.

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