Sample Applications

Here, a list of official samples built with the ABP Framework. Most of these samples are located under the abpframework/abp-samples GitHub repository.


Reference microservice solution built with the ABP Framework and .NET.


This is a reference application built with the ABP Framework. It implements the Domain Driven Design with multiple application layers.

CMS Kit Demo

This reference application built with the ABP Framework and demonstrates the CMS Kit Module's capabilities.

Book Store

A simple CRUD application to show basic principles of developing an application with the ABP Framework. The same sample was implemented with different technologies:

While there is no Razor Pages & MongoDB combination, you can check both documents to understand it since DB & UI selection don't effect each other.

Other Samples

  • Event Organizer: A sample application to create events (meetups) and allow others to register the events. Developed using EF Core and Blazor UI.
  • Entity Framework Migrations: A solution to demonstrate how to split your application into multiple databases each database contains different modules.
  • SignalR Demo: A simple chat application that allows to send and receive messages among authenticated users.
  • Real Time Messaging In A Distributed Architecture (using SingalR & RabbitMQ)
  • Dashboard Demo: A simple application to show how to use the widget system for the ASP.NET Core MVC UI.
  • RabbitMQ Event Bus Demo: A solution consists of two applications communicating to each other via distributed events with RabbitMQ integration.
  • Text Templates Demo: Shows different use cases of the text templating system.
  • Stored Procedure Demo: Demonstrates how to use stored procedures, database views and functions with best practices.
  • Passwordless Authentication: Shows how to add a custom token provider to authenticate a user with a link, instead of entering a password.
  • Authentication Customization: A solution to show how to customize the authentication for ASP.NET Core MVC / Razor Pages applications.
  • GRPC Demo: Shows how to add a gRPC service to an ABP Framework based web application and consume it from a console application.
  • Telerik Blazor Integration: Shows how to install and use Telerik Blazor components with the ABP Framework.
  • Angular Material Integration: Implemented the web application tutorial using the Angular Material library.
  • DevExtreme Angular Component Integration: How to install and use DevExtreme components in the ABP Framework Angular UI.
  • DevExtreme MVC / Razor Pages Component Integration: How to install and use DevExtreme components in the ABP Framework MVC / Razor Pages UI.
  • Syncfusion Blazor Integration: Shows how to install and integrate Syncfusion UI with ABP Framework Blazor UI.
  • Empty ASP.NET Core Application: The most basic ASP.NET Core application with the ABP Framework installed.
  • Using Elsa Workflow with ABP Framework: Shows how to use the Elsa Core workflow library within an ABP-based application.
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