Loading Directive

You may want to block a part of the UI and show a spinner for a while; the LoadingDirective directive makes this for you. LoadingDirective has been exposed by the @abp/ng.theme.shared package.

Getting Started

In order to use the LoadingDirective in an HTML template, the ThemeSharedModule should be imported into your module like this:

// ...
import { ThemeSharedModule } from '@abp/ng.theme.shared';

  imports: [..., ThemeSharedModule],
export class MyFeatureModule {}


The LoadingDirective is easy to use. The directive's selector is abpLoading. By adding the abpLoading attribute to an HTML element, you can activate the LoadingDirectiveective for the HTML element when the value is true.

See an example usage:

<div [abpLoading]="true">
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit, amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Laboriosam commodi quae aspernatur,
    corporis velit et suscipit id consequuntur amet minima expedita cum reiciendis dolorum
    cupiditate? Voluptas eaque voluptatum odio deleniti quo vel illum nemo accusamus nulla ratione
    impedit dolorum expedita necessitatibus fugiat ullam beatae, optio eum cupiditate ducimus

The abpLoading attribute has been added to the <div> element that contains very a long text inside to activate the LoadingDirective.

See the result:

Loading directive result

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