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Getting Started

This tutorial assumes that you've already purchased an ABP Commercial license and have an active ABP Commercial account.

This document assumes that you prefer to use Blazor WebAssembly as the UI framework and MongoDB as the database provider. For other options, please change the preference on top of this document.

Setup your development environment

First things first! Let's setup your development environment before creating the first project.


The following tools should be installed on your development machine:

1 You can use another editor instead of Visual Studio as long as it supports .NET Core and ASP.NET Core.

Install the ABP CLI

ABP CLI is a command line interface that is used to automate some common tasks for ABP based solutions.

ABP CLI is a free & open source tool for the ABP framework. It is also used for ABP Commercial application development.

First, you need to install the ABP CLI using the following command:

dotnet tool install -g Volo.Abp.Cli

If you've already installed, you can update it using the following command:

dotnet tool update -g Volo.Abp.Cli

Login to your account

In order to use ABP Commercial features, you need to login your account using the ABP CLI:

abp login <username>

It will ask a password, so you must enter the password of your account.

You can freely create a new account from the ABP Account web site. However, your account should be registered to an organization as a developer to be able to use the ABP Commercial. If your company has an ABP Commercial license, ask your manager to add your account to the developer list of the organization.

Install the ABP Suite

ABP Suite is an application aims to assist you on your development.

First, you need to install the ABP Suite:

abp suite install

If you've already installed, you can update it:

abp suite update

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