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LeptonX Blazor UI

LeptonX theme is implemented and ready to use with ABP Commercial. No custom implementation is needed for Blazor Server & WebAssembly.


  • Add Volo.Abp.AspNetCore.Components.WebAssembly.LeptonXTheme package to your Blazor WASM application.

    dotnet add package Volo.Abp.AspNetCore.Components.WebAssembly.LeptonXTheme --prerelease
  • Remove old theme from DependsOn attribute in your module class and add AbpAspNetCoreComponentsWebAssemblyLeptonXThemeModule type to DependsOn attribute.

-    typeof(LeptonThemeManagementBlazorModule),
-    typeof(AbpAspNetCoreComponentsWebAssemblyLeptonThemeModule),
+    typeof(AbpAspNetCoreComponentsWebAssemblyLeptonXThemeModule)
  • Change startup App component with the LeptonX one.
    • Add following using declaration and remove your old theme using declaration.

      using Volo.Abp.AspNetCore.Components.Web.LeptonXTheme.Components;
    • Make sure App component in following block is Volo.Abp.AspNetCore.Components.Web.LeptonXTheme.Components.App

          // Make sure the 'App' comes from 'Volo.Abp.AspNetCore.Components.Web.LeptonXTheme.Components' namespace.
      • If you can't remove or not sure which one is the old theme's using statements, you can use full name of that class:



You can set default theme or add or remove themes via using LeptonXThemeOptions.

  • DefaultStyle: Defines deffault fallback theme. Default value is Dim

    Configure<LeptonXThemeOptions>(options =>
        options.DefaultStyle = LeptonXStyleNames.Dark;
  • Styles: Defines selectable themes from UI.


    Configure<LeptonXThemeOptions>(options =>
        // Removing existing themes
        // Adding a new theme
            new LeptonXThemeStyle(
            "bi bi-circle-fill"));

    red.css and bootstrap-red.css have to be added under wwwroot/side-menu/css/ folder for switching to your custom theme properly when selected.


Layout options of Blazor UI can be manageable via using LeptonXThemeMvcOptions.

  • Layout: Layout of main application. Default value is LeptonXMvcLayouts.SideMenu

    Configure<LeptonXThemeBlazorOptions>(options =>
        options.Layout = LeptonXBlazorLayouts.SideMenu;
        // Or your custom implemented layout:
        options.Layout = typeof(MyCustomLayoutComponent);
  • MobileMenuSelector: Defines items to be displayed at mobile menu. Default value is first 2 items from main menu items.


    Configure<LeptonXThemeBlazorOptions>(options =>
        options.MobileMenuSelector = items => items.Where(x => x.MenuItem.Name == "Home" || x.MenuItem.Name == "Dashboard");
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