LeptonX MVC UI

LeptonX theme is implemented and ready to use with ABP Commercial. No custom implementation is needed for Razor Pages.


  • Install package to your Web project with CLI.
abp add-package Volo.Abp.AspNetCore.Mvc.UI.Theme.LeptonX --prerelease
  • Remove Volo.Abp.AspNetCore.Mvc.UI.Theme.Lepton and Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Management.Web references from the project since it's not necessary after switching to LeptonX.

  • Make sure the old theme is removed and LeptonX is added in your Module class.

        // ...
        // Remove those two
-        typeof(LeptonThemeManagementWebModule),
-        typeof(AbpAspNetCoreMvcUiLeptonThemeModule)
  • Replace LeptonThemeBundles with LeptonXThemeBundles in AbpBundlingOptions.
            LeptonXThemeBundles.Styles.Global, // 👈 Here
            bundle =>



You can set default theme or add or remove themes via using LeptonXThemeOptions.

  • DefaultStyle: Defines deffault fallback theme. Default value is Dim
Configure<LeptonXThemeOptions>(options =>
    options.DefaultStyle = LeptonXStyleNames.Dark;
  • Styles: Defines selectable themes from UI.


Configure<LeptonXThemeOptions>(options =>
    // Removing existing themes

    // Adding a new theme
        new LeptonXThemeStyle(
        "bi bi-circle-fill"));

red.css and bootstrap-red.css have to be added under /Themes/LeptonX/Global/side-menu/css/ folder for switching to your custom theme properly when selected.


Layout options of MVC Razor Pages UI can be manageable via using LeptonXThemeMvcOptions.

  • ApplicationLayout: Layout of main application. Default value is LeptonXMvcLayouts.SideMenu

    Configure<LeptonXThemeMvcOptions>(options =>
        options.ApplicationLayout = LeptonXMvcLayouts.SideMenu;
        // Or your custom implemented layout:
        options.ApplicationLayout = "~/Shared/_Layout.cshtml";
  • MobileMenuSelector: Defines items to be displayed at mobile menu. Default value is first 2 items from main menu items.


    Configure<LeptonXThemeMvcOptions>(options =>
        options.MobileMenuSelector = items => items.Where(x => x.MenuItem.Name == "Home" || x.MenuItem.Name == "Dashboard");
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