ASP.NET Core MVC / Razor Pages UI: JavaScript Resource Loader API

abp.ResourceLoader is a service that can load a JavaScript or CSS file on demand. It guarantees to load the file only once even if you request multiple times.

Loading Script Files

abp.ResourceLoader.loadScript(...) function loads a JavaScript file from the server and executes it.

Example: Load a JavaScript file



loadScript function can get three parameters;

  • url (required, string): The URL of the script file to be loaded.
  • loadCallback (optional, function): A callback function that is called once the script is loaded & executed. In this callback you can safely use the code in the script file. This callback is called even if the file was loaded before.
  • failCallback (optional, function): A callback function that is called if loading the script fails.

Example: Provide the loadCallback argument

abp.ResourceLoader.loadScript('/Pages/my-script.js', function() {
  console.log('successfully loaded :)');

Loading Style Files

abp.ResourceLoader.loadStyle(...) function adds a link element to the head of the document for the given URL, so the CSS file is automatically loaded by the browser.

Example: Load a CSS file

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