ABP Version 7.0 Migration Guide

This document is a guide for upgrading ABP v6.x solutions to ABP v7.0. There are some changes in this version that may affect your applications, please read it carefully and apply the necessary changes to your application.

ABP Framework upgraded to .NET 7.0, so you need to move your solutions to .NET 7.0 if you want to use the ABP 7.0. You can check the Migrate from ASP.NET Core 6.0 to 7.0 documentation.

FormTenantResolveContributor Removed from the AbpTenantResolveOptions

FormTenantResolveContributor has been removed from the AbpTenantResolveOptions. Thus, if you need to get tenant info from HTTP Request From, please add a custom TenantResolveContributor to implement it.

IHybridServiceScopeFactory Removed

IHybridServiceScopeFactory has been removed. Please use the IServiceScopeFactory instead.

Hybrid JSON was removed.

Since System.Text.Json library supports more custom features in NET 7, ABP no longer need the hybrid Json feature.

Previous Behavior

There is a Volo.Abp.Json package which contains the AbpJsonModule module. Serialization/deserialization features of System.Text.Json and Newtonsoft are implemented in this module.

We use System.Text.Json first, More custom cases can be handled with Newtonsoft by configuring UnsupportedTypes of AbpSystemTextJsonSerializerOptions.

New Behavior

We created Volo.Abp.Json.SystemTextJson and Volo.Abp.Json.Newtonsoft as separate packages, which means you can only use one of them in your project. The default is to use SystemTextJson. If you want Newtonsoft, please also use Volo.Abp.AspNetCore.Mvc.NewtonsoftJson in your web project.

  • Volo.Abp.Json.Abstractions
  • Volo.Abp.Json.Newtonsoft
  • Volo.Abp.Json.SystemTextJson
  • Volo.Abp.Json (Depends on Volo.Abp.Json.SystemTextJson by default to prevent breaking)
  • Volo.Abp.AspNetCore.Mvc.NewtonsoftJson

The AbpJsonOptions now has only two properties, which are

  • InputDateTimeFormats(List<string>): Formats of input JSON date, Empty string means default format. You can provide multiple formats to parse the date.
  • OutputDateTimeFormat(string): Format of output json date, Null or empty string means default format.

Please remove all UnsupportedTypes add custom Modifiers to control serialization/deserialization behavior.

Check the docs to see the more info:

Check the docs to see how to customize a JSON contract:

"Manage Host Features" Moved to the Settings Page

"Manage Host Features" button has been moved from Tenants page to Settings page.

See for more info.

Removed the setter from the Auditing Interfaces

AuditedEntity and other base entity classes will continue to have public setters. If you want to make them private, don't derive from these base classes, but implement the interfaces yourself.

See for more info.

Added Abp prefix to DbProperties Classes

Please update the database migration and related connection string names.

EntityCreatingEventData, EntityUpdatingEventData, EntityDeletingEventData and EntityChangingEventData has been removed.

They are deprecated don't use them anymore.

LayoutHookInfo.cs, LayoutHookViewModel.cs, LayoutHooks.cs, AbpLayoutHookOptions.cs classes have been moved under the Volo.Abp.Ui.LayoutHooks namespace.

See for more info.

Removed abp.auth.policies

abp.auth.polices has been removed, use abp.auth.grantedPolicies instead.

Static C# Proxy Generation

The abp generate-proxy -t csharp .. command will generate all the classes/enums/other types in the client side (including application service interfaces) behalf of you.

If you have reference to the target contracts package, then you can pass a parameter --without-contracts (shortcut: -c).

See for more info.

Dynamic Permissions

  • IPermissionDefinitionManager methods are converted to asynchronous, and renamed (added Async postfix).
  • Removed MultiTenancySides from permission groups.
  • Inherit MultiTenancySides enum from byte (default was int).
  • Needs to add migration for new entities in the Permission Management module.

See for more info.

External Localization Infrastructure

  • Introduced LocalizationResourceBase that is base for localization resources. LocalizationResource inherits from it for typed (static) localization resources (like before). Also introduced NonTypedLocalizationResource that inherits from LocalizationResourceBase for dynamic/external localization resources. We are using LocalizationResourceBase for most of the places where we were using LocalizationResource before and that can be a breaking change for some applications.
  • All layouts in all MVC UI themes should add this line just before the ApplicationConfigurationString line:
<script src="~/Abp/ApplicationLocalizationScript?cultureName=@CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture.Name"></script>

We've already done this for our themes.

See for more info.

Replaced BlogPostPublicDto with BlogPostCommonDto

  • In the CMS Kit Module, BlogPostPublicDto has been moved to Volo.CmsKit.Common.Application.Contracts from Volo.CmsKit.Public.Application.Contracts and renamed to BlogPostCommonDto.

  • See the PR#13499 for more information.

You can ignore this if you don't use CMS Kit Module.

Data migration environment

Please call AddDataMigrationEnvironment method in the migration project.

using (var application = await AbpApplicationFactory.CreateAsync<MyMigratorModule>(options =>
var builder = WebApplication.CreateBuilder(args);
// Call AddDataMigrationEnvironment before AddApplicationAsync
await builder.AddApplicationAsync<MyMigratorModule>();

See for more info.


The Devart.Data.Oracle.EFCore package do not yet support EF Core 7.0, If you use AbpEntityFrameworkCoreOracleDevartModule(Volo.Abp.EntityFrameworkCore.Oracle.Devart) may not work as expected, We will release new packages as soon as they are updated.

See for more info.

Changes on Angular Apps

Added a new package @abp/ng.oauth

OAuth Functionality moved to a seperate package named @abp/ng.oauth, so ABP users should add the @abp/ng.oauth packages on app.module.ts. Add the new npm package to your app.

yarn add @abp/ng.oauth
// or npm i ---save @abp/ng.oauth
// app.module.ts
import { AbpOAuthModule } from "@abp/ng.oauth";
// ...
 // ...
    imports: [
    AbpOAuthModule.forRoot(), // <-- Add This
   // ...
 // ...
export class AppModule {}

Lepton X Google-Font

If you are using LeptonX that has google fonts, the fonts were built-in the Lepton file. It's been moved to a seperate file. So the ABP user should add font-bundle in angular.json. ( under the 'yourProjectName' > 'architect' > 'build' > 'options' >'styles' )

// for LeptonX Lite

    input: 'node_modules/@volo/ngx-lepton-x.lite/assets/css/font-bundle.rtl.css',
    inject: false,
    bundleName: 'font-bundle.rtl',
    input: 'node_modules/@volo/ngx-lepton-x.lite/assets/css/font-bundle.css',
    inject: false,
    bundleName: 'font-bundle',

// for LeptonX

    input: 'node_modules/@volosoft/ngx-lepton-x/assets/css/font-bundle.css',
    inject: false,
    bundleName: 'font-bundle',
    input: 'node_modules/@volosoft/ngx-lepton-x/assets/css/font-bundle.rtl.css',
    inject: false,
    bundleName: 'font-bundle.rtl',

Updated Side Menu Layout

In side menu layout, eThemeLeptonXComponents.Navbar has been changed to eThemeLeptonXComponents.Toolbar, and eThemeLeptonXComponents.Sidebar to eThemeLeptonXComponents.Navbar.

And also added new replaceable component like Logo Component, Language Component etc.

If you are using replaceable component system you can check documentation.


ng-zorro-antd-tree.css file should be in angular.json if the user uses AbpTree component or Abp-commercial. The ABP User should add this style definition on angular.json. ( under the 'yourProjectName' > 'architect' > 'build' > 'options' >'styles' )

{ "input": "node_modules/ng-zorro-antd/tree/style/index.min.css", "inject": false, "bundleName": "ng-zorro-antd-tree" },

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