Sample Applications

Here, a list of official samples built with the ABP Framework. Most of these samples are located under the abpframework/abp-samples GitHub repository.

Microservice Demo

A complete solution to demonstrate how to build systems based on the microservice architecture.

Book Store

A simple CRUD application to show basic principles of developing an application with the ABP Framework. The same sample was implemented with different technologies:

While there is no Razor Pages & MongoDB combination, you can check both documents to understand it since DB & UI selection don't effect each other.

Other Samples

  • Event Organizer: A sample application to create events (meetups) and allow others to register the events. Developed using EF Core and Blazor UI.
  • Entity Framework Migrations: A solution to demonstrate how to split your application into multiple databases each database contains different modules.
  • SignalR Demo: A simple chat application that allows to send and receive messages among authenticated users.
  • Real Time Messaging In A Distributed Architecture (using SingalR & RabbitMQ)
  • Dashboard Demo: A simple application to show how to use the widget system for the ASP.NET Core MVC UI.
  • RabbitMQ Event Bus Demo: A solution consists of two applications communicating to each other via distributed events with RabbitMQ integration.
  • Text Templates Demo: Shows different use cases of the text templating system.
  • Stored Procedure Demo: Demonstrates how to use stored procedures, database views and functions with best practices.
  • Passwordless Authentication: Shows how to add a custom token provider to authenticate a user with a link, instead of entering a password.
  • Authentication Customization: A solution to show how to customize the authentication for ASP.NET Core MVC / Razor Pages applications.
  • GRPC Demo: Shows how to add a gRPC service to an ABP Framework based web application and consume it from a console application.
  • Telerik Blazor Integration: Shows how to install and use Telerik Blazor components with the ABP Framework.
  • Angular Material Integration: Implemented the web application tutorial using the Angular Material library.
  • DevExtreme Angular Component Integration: How to install and use DevExtreme components in the ABP Framework Angular UI.
  • DevExtreme MVC / Razor Pages Component Integration: How to install and use DevExtreme components in the ABP Framework MVC / Razor Pages UI.
  • Syncfusion Blazor Integration: Shows how to install and integrate Syncfusion UI with ABP Framework Blazor UI.
  • Empty ASP.NET Core Application: The most basic ASP.NET Core application with the ABP Framework installed.
  • Using Elsa Workflow with ABP Framework: Shows how to use the Elsa Core workflow library within an ABP-based application.
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