Text Templating


ABP Framework provides a simple, yet efficient text template system. Text templating is used to dynamically render contents based on a template and a model (a data object):

Template + Model =renderer=> Rendered Content

It is very similar to an ASP.NET Core Razor View (or Page):


You can use the rendered output for any purpose, like sending emails or preparing some reports.

Template rendering engine is very powerful;

  • It supports conditional logics, loops and much more.
  • Template content can be localized.
  • You can define layout templates to be used as the layout while rendering other templates.
  • You can pass arbitrary objects to the template context (beside the model) for advanced scenarios.

ABP Framework provides two templating engines;

You can use different template engines in the same application, or even create a new custom template engine.

Source Code

Get the source code of the sample application developed and referred through this document.

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