IdentityServer Module

IdentityServer module provides a full integration with the IdentityServer4 (IDS) framework, which provides advanced authentication features like single sign-on and API access control. This module persists clients, resources and other IDS-related objects to database. This module is replaced by OpenIddict module after ABP v6.0 in the startup templates.

Note: You can not use IdentityServer and OpenIddict modules together. They are separate OpenID provider libraries for the same job.

How to Install

You don't need this module when you are using OpenIddict module. However, if you want to keep using IdentityServer4 for your applications, you can install this module and remove the OpenIddict module. You can continue to use it as package and get updates easily, or you can include its source code into your solution (see get-source CLI command) to develop your custom module.

The Source Code

The source code of this module can be accessed here. The source code is licensed with MIT, so you can freely use and customize it.

User Interface

This module implements the domain logic and database integrations, but not provides any UI. Management UI is useful if you need to add clients and resources on the fly. In this case, you may build the management UI yourself or consider to purchase the ABP Commercial which provides the management UI for this module.

Relations to Other Modules

This module is based on the Identity Module and have an integration package with the Account Module.



AbpIdentityServerBuilderOptions can be configured in PreConfigureServices method of your Identity Server module. Example:

public override void PreConfigureServices(ServiceConfigurationContext context)
	PreConfigure<AbpIdentityServerBuilderOptions>(builder =>
    	//Set options here...		

AbpIdentityServerBuilderOptions properties:

  • UpdateJwtSecurityTokenHandlerDefaultInboundClaimTypeMap (default: true): Updates JwtSecurityTokenHandler.DefaultInboundClaimTypeMap to be compatible with Identity Server claims.
  • UpdateAbpClaimTypes (default: true): Updates AbpClaimTypes to be compatible with identity server claims.
  • IntegrateToAspNetIdentity (default: true): Integrate to ASP.NET Identity.
  • AddDeveloperSigningCredential (default: true): Set false to suppress AddDeveloperSigningCredential() call on the IIdentityServerBuilder.

IIdentityServerBuilder can be configured in PreConfigureServices method of your Identity Server module. Example:

public override void PreConfigureServices(ServiceConfigurationContext context)
	PreConfigure<IIdentityServerBuilder>(builder =>


Domain Layer



API Resources are needed for allowing clients to request access tokens.

  • ApiResource (aggregate root): Represents an API resource in the system.
    • ApiSecret (collection): secrets of the API resource.
    • ApiScope (collection): scopes of the API resource.
    • ApiResourceClaim (collection): claims of the API resource.

Clients represent applications that can request tokens from your Identity Server.

  • Client (aggregate root): Represents an Identity Server client application.
    • ClientScope (collection): Scopes of the client.
    • ClientSecret (collection): Secrets of the client.
    • ClientGrantType (collection): Grant types of the client.
    • ClientCorsOrigin (collection): CORS origins of the client.
    • ClientRedirectUri (collection): redirect URIs of the client.
    • ClientPostLogoutRedirectUri (collection): Logout redirect URIs of the client.
    • ClientIdPRestriction (collection): Provider restrictions of the client.
    • ClientClaim (collection): Claims of the client.
    • ClientProperty (collection): Custom properties of the client.

Persisted Grants stores AuthorizationCodes, RefreshTokens and UserConsent.

  • PersistedGrant (aggregate root): Represents PersistedGrant for identity server.

Identity resources are data like user ID, name, or email address of a user.

  • IdentityResource (aggregate root): Represents and Identity Server identity resource.
    • IdentityClaim (collection): Claims of identity resource.


Following custom repositories are defined for this module:

  • IApiResourceRepository
  • IClientRepository
  • IPersistentGrantRepository
  • IIdentityResourceRepository

Domain Services

This module doesn't contain any domain service but overrides the services below;

  • AbpProfileService (Used when AbpIdentityServerBuilderOptions.IntegrateToAspNetIdentity is true)
  • AbpClaimsService
  • AbpCorsPolicyService


This module doesn't define any settings.

Application Layer

Application Services

  • ApiResourceAppService (implements IApiResourceAppService): Implements the use cases of the API resource management UI.
  • IdentityServerClaimTypeAppService (implement IIdentityServerClaimTypeAppService): Used to get list of claims.
  • ApiResourceAppService (implements IApiResourceAppService): Implements the use cases of the API resource management UI.
  • IdentityResourceAppService (implements IIdentityResourceAppService): Implements the use cases of the Identity resource management UI.

Database Providers


Table/Collection Prefix & Schema

All tables/collections use the IdentityServer prefix by default. Set static properties on the AbpIdentityServerDbProperties class if you need to change the table prefix or set a schema name (if supported by your database provider).

Connection String

This module uses AbpIdentityServer for the connection string name. If you don't define a connection string with this name, it fallbacks to the Default connection string.

See the connection strings documentation for details.

Entity Framework Core

  • IdentityServerApiResources
    • IdentityServerApiSecrets
    • IdentityServerApiScopes
      • IdentityServerApiScopeClaims
    • IdentityServerApiClaims
  • IdentityServerClients
    • IdentityServerClientScopes
    • IdentityServerClientSecrets
    • IdentityServerClientGrantTypes
    • IdentityServerClientCorsOrigins
    • IdentityServerClientRedirectUris
    • IdentityServerClientPostLogoutRedirectUris
    • IdentityServerClientIdPRestrictions
    • IdentityServerClientClaims
    • IdentityServerClientProperties
  • IdentityServerPersistedGrants
  • IdentityServerIdentityResources
    • IdentityServerIdentityClaims


  • IdentityServerApiResources
  • IdentityServerClients
  • IdentityServerPersistedGrants
  • IdentityServerIdentityResources
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