Sorting Navigation Elements

This documentation describes how the navigation elements are sorted and how to change this default behaviour.

  • When you want to add the Navigation Element you can use the RoutesService. For more details, see the document.
  • However, in this documentation, we will talk more about how to sort the navigation elements.

Order Property

  • Normally, you are able to sort your routes with this property. But you can customize our default sorting algorithm.

Default Sorting algorithm

  • To see our default sorting algorithm click here. What does this function do?
    • if the order property is defined, then it will be sorted by the order value.
    • if both of the navigation elements have the same order value then it will be sorted by the name.
    • If the order property is not defined, it will be the last element and the unordered navs will be sorted by name.

How to Customize

in app.module.ts

import { SORT_COMPARE_FUNC } from "@abp/ng.core";

  providers: [
      provide: SORT_COMPARE_FUNC,
      useFactory: yourCompareFuncFactory,
  // imports, declarations, and bootstrap
export class AppModule {}
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