Blazor UI: Branding


IBrandingProvider is a simple interface that is used to show the application name and logo on the layout.

The screenshot below shows MyProject as the application name:


You can implement the IBrandingProvider interface or inherit from the DefaultBrandingProvider to set the application name:

using Volo.Abp.DependencyInjection;
using Volo.Abp.Ui.Branding;

namespace MyCompanyName.MyProjectName.Blazor
    [Dependency(ReplaceServices = true)]
    public class MyProjectNameBrandingProvider : DefaultBrandingProvider
        public override string AppName => "Book Store";

Currently, setting the AppName is only applicable to the Basic Theme, it does not have any effect on the other official themes.

The result will be like shown below:


IBrandingProvider has the following properties:

  • AppName: The application name.
  • LogoUrl: A URL to show the application logo.
  • LogoReverseUrl: A URL to show the application logo on a reverse color theme (dark, for example).

Tip: IBrandingProvider is used in every page refresh. For a multi-tenant application, you can return a tenant specific application name to customize it per tenant.

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