Angular UI Extensions

Angular UI extensions system allows you to add a new action to the actions menu, a new column to the data table, a new action to the toolbar of a page, and add a new field to the create and/or edit forms.

See the documents below for the details:

Extensible Table Component

Using ngx-datatable in extensible table.

         actionsText="Your Action"
         (tableActivate)="onTableSelect($event)" > 
  • actionsText : ** Column name of action column. Type : string
  • data : Items shows in your table. Type : Array
  • list : Instance of ListService. Type : ListService
  • actionsColumnWidth : Width of your action column. Type : number
  • actionsTemplate : Template of the action when "click this button" or whatever. Generally ng-template. Type : TemplateRef
  • recordsTotal : Count of the record total. Type : number
  • tableActivate : The Output(). A cell or row was focused via the keyboard or a mouse click. Type : EventEmitter()
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