ABP Framework Road Map

You can always check the milestone planning and the prioritized backlog issues on the GitHub repository for a detailed road map. Here, a list of some major items in the backlog;

  • CMS Kit: A set of reusable, extensible and composable Content Management System features.
  • #2882 / Providing a gRPC integration infrastructure (while it is already possible to create or consume gRPC endpoints for your application, we plan to create endpoints for the standard application modules)
  • #236 Resource based authorization system
  • #6132 A New Theme alternative to the Basic Theme
  • #1754 / Multi-lingual entities
  • #497 API Versioning system finalize & document
  • #633 / Realtime notification system
  • #57 / Built-in CQRS infrastructure
  • #336 / Health Check abstraction
  • #2532, #2564 / CosmosDB integration with EF Core and MongoDB API
  • #4223 / WebHook system
  • #162 / Azure ElasticDB Integration for multitenancy
  • #2296 / Feature toggling infrastructure

The backlog items are subject to change. We are adding new items and changing priorities based on the community feedbacks and goals of the project.

Vote for your favorite feature on the related GitHub issues (and write your thoughts). You can create an issue on the GitHub repository for your feature requests, but first search in the existing issues.

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