Blazor UI: Forms & Validation

ABP Framework Blazor UI is based on the Blazorise and does not have a built-in form validation infrastructure. However, you can use the Blazorise validation infrastructure to validate your forms.


The example is provided by official Blazorise documentation.

<Validation Validator="ValidationRule.IsNotEmpty">
    <TextEdit Placeholder="Enter name">
            <ValidationNone>Please enter the name.</ValidationNone>
            <ValidationSuccess>Name is good.</ValidationSuccess>
            <ValidationError>Enter valid name!</ValidationError>

<Validation Validator="ValidateEmail">
    <TextEdit Placeholder="Enter email">
            <ValidationNone>Please enter the email.</ValidationNone>
            <ValidationSuccess>Email is good.</ValidationSuccess>
            <ValidationError>Enter valid email!</ValidationError>
    void ValidateEmail( ValidatorEventArgs e )
        var email = Convert.ToString( e.Value );

        e.Status = string.IsNullOrEmpty( email ) ? ValidationStatus.None :
            email.Contains( "@" ) ? ValidationStatus.Success : ValidationStatus.Error;

Check the Blazorise documentation for more information and examples.

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