Blazor UI: SubmitButton component

SubmitButton is a simple wrapper around Button component. It is used to be placed inside of page Form or Modal dialogs where it can response to user actions and to be activated as a default button by pressing an ENTER key. Once clicked it will go into the disabled state and also it will show a small loading indicator until clicked event is finished.

Quick Example

<SubmitButton Clicked="@YourSaveOperation" />

Notice that we didn't specify any text, like Save Changes. This is because SubmitButton will by default pull text from the localization. If you want to change that you either specify a localization key or you can add custom content.

With localization key

<SubmitButton Clicked="@YourSaveOperation" SaveResourceKey="YourSaveName" />

With custom content

<SubmitButton Clicked="@YourSaveOperation">
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