ASP.NET Core MVC / Razor Pages UI: JavaScript UI Block/Busy API

UI Block API disables (blocks) the page or a part of the page.

Basic Usage

Example: Block (disable) the complete page


Example: Block (disable) an HTML element


Example: Enables the previously blocked element or page:



abp.ui.block() method can get an options object which may contain the following fields:

  • elm: An optional selector to find the element to be blocked (e.g. #MyContainerId). If not provided, the entire page is blocked. The selector can also be directly passed to the block() method as shown above.
  • busy: Set to true to show a progress indicator on the blocked area.
  • promise: A promise object with always or finally callbacks. This can be helpful if you want to automatically unblock the blocked area when a deferred operation completes.

Example: Block an element with busy indicator

  elm: '#MySection',
  busy: true

The resulting UI will look like below:



abp.ui.setBusy(...) and abp.ui.clearBusy() are shortcut functions if you want to use the block with busy option.

Example: Block with busy


Then you can use abp.ui.clearBusy(); to re-enable the busy area/page.

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