ASP.NET Core MVC / Razor Pages UI: JavaScript Auth API

Auth API allows you to check permissions (policies) for the current user in the client side. In this way, you can conditionally show/hide UI parts or perform your client side logic based on the current permissions.

This document only explains the JavaScript API. See the authorization document to understand the ABP authorization & permission system.

Basic Usage

abp.auth.isGranted(...) function is used to check if a permission/policy has granted or not:

if (abp.auth.isGranted('DeleteUsers')) {
  //TODO: Delete the user
} else {
  alert("You don't have permission to delete a user!");

Other Fields & Functions

  • abp.auth.isAnyGranted(...): Gets one or more permission/policy names and returns true if at least one of them has granted.
  • abp.auth.areAllGranted(...): Gets one or more permission/policy names and returns true if all of them of them have granted.
  • abp.auth.grantedPolicies: This is an object where its keys are the permission/policy names. You can find the granted permission/policy names here.
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