LeptonX Lite MVC UI

LeptonX Lite has implementation for the ABP Framework Razor Pages. It's a simplified variation of the LeptonX Theme.

If you are looking for a professional, enterprise ready theme, you can check the LeptonX Theme, which is a part of ABP Commercial.

See the Theming document to learn about themes.


  • Add Volo.Abp.AspNetCore.Mvc.UI.Theme.LeptonXLite package to your Web application.
dotnet add package Volo.Abp.AspNetCore.Mvc.UI.Theme.LeptonXLite --prerelease
  • Remove Volo.Abp.AspNetCore.Mvc.UI.Theme.Basic reference from the project since it's not necessary after switching to LeptonX Lite.

  • Make sure the old theme is removed and LeptonX is added in your Module class.

     // Remove BasicTheme module from DependsOn attribute
-    typeof(AbpAspNetCoreMvcUiBasicThemeModule),
     // Add LeptonX Lite module to DependsOn attribute
+    typeof(AbpAspNetCoreMvcUiLeptonXLiteThemeModule),
  • Replace BasicThemeBundles with LeptonXLiteThemeBundles in AbpBundlingOptions
Configure<AbpBundlingOptions>(options =>
        // Remove following line
-       BasicThemeBundles.Styles.Global,
        // Add following line instead
+       LeptonXLiteThemeBundles.Styles.Global
        bundle =>



LeptonX Lite includes separeted toolbars for desktop & mobile. You can manage toolbars independently. Toolbar names can be accessible in the LeptonXLiteToolbars class.

  • LeptonXLiteToolbars.Main
  • LeptonXLiteToolbars.MainMobile
public class MyProjectNameMainToolbarContributor : IToolbarContributor
    public async Task ConfigureToolbarAsync(IToolbarConfigurationContext context)
        if (context.Toolbar.Name == LeptonXLiteToolbars.Main)
            context.Toolbar.Items.Add(new ToolbarItem(typeof(MyDesktopComponent)));

        if (context.Toolbar.Name == LeptonXLiteToolbars.MainMobile)
            context.Toolbar.Items.Add(new ToolbarItem(typeof(MyMobileComponent)));
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