Blazor UI: Block/Busy Service

UI Block disables (blocks) the page or a part of the page.

Quick Example

Simply inject IBlockUiService to your page or component and call the Block/UnBlock method to disables (blocks) the element.

namespace MyProject.Blazor.Pages
    public partial class Index
        private readonly IBlockUiService _blockUiService;

        public Index(IBlockUiService _blockUiService)
            _blockUiService = blockUiService;

        public async Task BlockForm()
              Parameters of Block method:
                selectors: A string containing one or more selectors to match.
                busy : Set to true to show a progress indicator on the blocked area.
            await _blockUiService.Block(selectors: "#MySelectors", busy: true);

The resulting UI will look like below:


Then you can use _blockUiService.UnBlock() to re-enable the busy area/page.

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