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Creating a new ABP solution

Create a new solution

Creates a new ABP solution. It's an alternative way of creating an ABP project rather than ABP CLI or abp.io website. To create a new ABP Solution, click the Create a new solution button. It will open a new dialog for the options.

Create a new ABP Solution

You need to provide your project name, output folder where the project will be created in, UI Framework as your front-end and database provider. And the Tiered option which separates Web and HTTP API projects.

Create a new solution

  • Project name: This is the solution name and also the prefix for the namespace of your solution. In this example Acme.BookStore is the project name. The solution file will be named as Acme.BookStore.sln. And the namespaces of c# files will start with Acme.BookStore.*

  • Output folder: This is the directory where the new project will be created. Suite automatically creates the output directory if not exists and places the project folder inside the output directory. See the below folder view for Acme.BookStore project.

    New Solution Directory

  • UI Framework: There are 2 types of UI Frameworks, Angular and MVC. If you would like to create a SPA (single page application), you can choose the Angular, or if you would like to create a MPA (multiple page application) with jQuery you can choose the MVC. Suite works with both of these frameworks.

  • Database Provider: ABP framework supports 2 database providers: Entity Framework Core and MongoDB. Entity Framework Core supports a variety of database management systems like MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL. See the full list https://docs.microsoft.com/ef/core/providers/?tabs=dotnet-core-cli. On the other hand MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database used for high volume data storage. If you have a requirement to work with relational database systems, choose Entity Framework Core otherwise choose MongoDB.

  • Tiered: Creates a tiered solution where Web and HTTP API layers are physically separated. If not specified, it creates a layered solution which is less complex and suitable for most scenarios. You can leave it unchecked, if you are not sure.

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