Easy CRM - Sample ABP Project

This is a sample solution developed on top of ABP Commercial.



Note: EasyCRM sample application is only for the ABP Commercial customers. Therefore, you need to have a commercial license to be able to download the source code.


Visit to see this sample application in action. The online demo is with the ASP.NET Core MVC / Razor Pages UI, while the sample project is available with the Angular UI and Blazor too, when you download its source code.

How To Run?

When you download and open the zip file, you will see two folders:

  • aspnet-core folder contains the server side, the MVC (Razor Pages) UI and the Blazor UI.
  • angular folder contains the Angular UI.

Server Side / MVC (Razor Pages) Application

  • Open the solution (inside the aspnet-core folder) in Visual Studio 2019 or later (or with another IDE that supports ASP.NET Core).
  • This project use Sqlite, the default database folder is located at appsettings ("SqliteDbFolder": "sqliteDbs", this folder is located in the MVC project).
  • Open the appsettings.json file in the Volo.EasyCrm.Web application and set "UseDynamicDatabase": "false".

    The MVC project is creating new database for each unique visitor. And the visitor id is stored at cookies. When you set UseDynamicDatabase as a true, you cannot run Blazor & Angular projects because they have no cookie implementation. Be aware it is set as false for running Blazor & Angular applications.

  • Run the Volo.EasyCrm.Web application.
  • You can login using admin as the user name and 1q2w3E* as the password.
  • Enjoy and check the source code!

Angular UI

  • First, follow all the steps above to run the server side and seed the sample data.
  • Open a command prompt in the angular folder.
  • Run the yarn command to install NPM packages (requires the Yarn package manager).
  • Run the yarn start command to run the Angular application. It will automatically open the localhost://4200 in your default browser once the application initialized.

Blazor UI

  • First, follow all the steps above to run the server side and seed the sample data.
  • Run the Volo.EasyCrm.Blazor application.
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