ABP Commercial vs ASP.NET Zero

ASP.NET Zero is a startup project template which is also developed by Volosoft. Here you can see the feature differences between ASP.NET Zero and ABP Commercial.

Feature ABP Commercial ASP.NET Zero
Base Infrastructure
Base Framework ABP Framework AspNet Boilerplate
Microservice compatible
Multi Tenancy
Bootstrap Tag Helpers
Dynamic Forms
MongoDB Support
Distributed Event Bus
Command Line Interface ABP CLI
User Interface (Overall)
ASP.NET Core UI Razor Pages MVC
Angular UI
Blazor UI
User Interface (Account / Login)
Token based authentication
Social logins
Social logins per tenant
LDAP (Active Directory) / ADFS login
Forgot password
Email address & phone number confirmation
Password reset
Two Factor authentication
OpenId Connect login
User lockout
User profile / change password
Profile image
Account linking
User Delegation
Show login attempts
Tenant registration
Identity Server 4 integration
OpenIddict integration
Identity Server Management UI
Password complexity settings
User Interface (Application)
User management
Role management
Tenant management
Permission management
Sample tenant dashboard
Setup screen
Edition & feature management for SaaS applications
Tenant subscription, payment & billing system
Tenant & user Impersonation
Organization Unit management
Language (localization) management
Audit log & Entity history report
Real time notifications
Chat (with SignalR)
Host dashboard
Application settings
RTL support
Show website logs / clear caches
Custom tenant logo & CSS
Time zone selection
UI personalization (top/left menu, dark/light skin... options)
Customizable Dashboard
Dynamic Entity Parameters
Webhook System
Session timeout & User lock Screen
File Management
Text Template Management
Security Logs UI
UI Theme Lepton-X, Lepton Metronic
User Interface (Public Web Site)
Simple public web site
Mobile Application
Xamarin application
React Native application
Rapid Application Development
Code generation extension ABP Suite Power Tools
Premium forum support
Private ticket & email support
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