Custom layout usage with Lepton X components

First, The custom layout component should be created and implemented for the Angular application. Related content can be found in the Component Replacement Document

After creating a custom layout, these imports should be imported in the app.module.ts file because the modules contain definitions of the Lepton X components.

// app.module.ts
import { LpxSideMenuLayoutModule } from '@volosoft/ngx-lepton-x/layouts';
import { LpxResponsiveModule } from '@volo/ngx-lepton-x.core';// optional. Only, if you are using lpxResponsive directive

 //... removed for clearity
  imports: [
  	//... removed for clearity
  	LpxResponsiveModule // <-- Optional
export class AppModule {}

Here is the simplified version of the side-menu-layout.ts file. Only the ABP Component Replacement code has been removed.

<ng-container *lpxResponsive="'all md-none'">
    <ng-container *ngTemplateOutlet="content"></ng-container>
  <ng-container *lpxResponsive="'md'">
    <div class="lpx-scroll-container ps" [perfectScrollbar]>
      <ng-container *ngTemplateOutlet="content"></ng-container>
  <ng-template #content>
      <div class="lpx-sidebar-container" *lpxResponsive="'md'">
        <div class="lpx-sidebar ps" [perfectScrollbar]>
      <div class="lpx-content-container">
        <div class="lpx-topbar-container">
          <div class="lpx-topbar">
            <div class="lpx-breadcrumb-container">
            <div class="lpx-topbar-content">
        <div class="lpx-content-wrapper">
          <div class="lpx-content">
        <div class="lpx-footbar-container">
      <lpx-mobile-navbar *lpxResponsive="'all md-none'"></lpx-mobile-navbar>

      <div class="lpx-toolbar-container" *lpxResponsive="'md'">

Add this code to your application template and customize it as desired.

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