Application Modules

ABP Commercial provides production ready, enterprise level application modules. See the modules page for a list and descriptions of the modules as an overview. This documentation is for developers and explains technical details of the modules.

Commercial Modules

  • Account: Login, register, forgot password, email activation, social logins and other account related functionalities.
  • Audit logging: Reporting the user audit logs and entity histories in details.
  • File Management: Upload, download and organize files in a hierarchical folder structure.
  • Identity: User, role, claims and permission management.
  • Identity Server: Managing the identity server objects like clients, API resources, identity resources, secrets, application URLs, claims and more.
  • Language management: Add or remove languages and localize the application UI on the fly.
  • SaaS: Manage tenants, editions and features to create your multi-tenant / SaaS application.
  • Twilio SMS: Send SMS messages with Twilio cloud service.
  • Payment: Payment gateway integrations.

Free Modules

  • Blog: Create and manage your own blogs.
  • Docs: Publish your technical documentation with a clean and professional UI.

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