ABP Studio

ABP Studio is currently in early preview. It is not open to everyone. You can request a beta access here.

ABP Studio documentation work is still ongoing.

ABP Studio is a cross-platform desktop application for ABP and .NET developers. It is well integrated to ABP Framework and ABP Commercial. It aims to provide a comfortable development environment for you by automating things, providing insights about your solution, making develop, run, browse, monitor, trace and deploy your solutions much easier.


If you haven't installed yet, please see the installation guide to prepare your environment and install ABP Studio on your computer.

Quick Starts

The following guides are great resources to start with, until we fully document all ABP Studio features:

Solution Templates

ABP Studio provides pre-architected and production-ready templates to jump start a new solution. The following solution templates are provided out of the box:

  • Empty
  • Application (Single Layer)
  • Application (Layered)
  • Microservice

Other Resources

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