Twilio SMS Module

Twilio is a cloud communication provider that makes it easy to send and receive SMS. ABP Twilio SMS module implements the SMS sending feature of ISmsSender interface with Twilio.

See the module description page for an overview of the module features.

How to Install

To install the Twilio SMS module, you need to add a package reference of Volo.Abp.Sms.Twilio in your project. You can add this package to your application layer (eg: Acme.BookStore.Application).


<PackageReference Include="Volo.Abp.Sms.Twilio" Version="x.x.x" />

After you add the package reference, open the module class of the project (eg: BookStoreApplicationModule) and add the below code to the DependsOn attribute.



This module follows the module development best practices guide and depends on the below NuGet packages. See the guide if you want to understand the packages and relations between them.

You can visit Twilio SMS module package list page to see list of packages related with this module.

User Interface

There is no user interface for this module.

Data Seed

This module doesn't seed any data.


You can configure Twilio SMS module in several ways. It uses the options pattern in ASP.NET Core.

Configure by AbpTwilioSmsOptions

AbpTwilioSmsOptions can be used to configure the module. You can use the below code to configure it in the ConfigureServices method of your module (eg: BookStoreApplicationModule).

Configure<AbpTwilioSmsOptions>(options =>
	options.AccountSId = "***";
	options.AuthToken = "***";
	options.FromNumber = "***";

AbpTwilioSmsOptions properties:

  • AccountSId : This is a security key of Twilio. You can get your AccountSId from Twilio Console.
  • AuthToken: This is a security key of Twilio. You can get your AuthToken from Twilio Console.
  • FromNumber: This is the sender number of SMS. You can get your FromNumber from Twilio Console.

Twilio allows you to create a free trial to test the SMS provider. Create an account and get your credentials to test it.

Configure by appsettings.json

You can configure the module with the appsettings.json file of the final project (eg: Acme.BookStore.Web)


  "AbpTwilioSms": {
    "AccountSId": "<Enter your AccountSId from Twilio>",
    "AuthToken": "<Enter your AuthToken from Twilio>",
    "FromNumber": "<Enter your from number from Twilio>"

Twilio allows you to create a free trial to send test SMS. Get your Twilio AccountSId, AuthToken, FromNumberv values from Enter these values in your appsettings.json or configure it via AbpTwilioSmsOptions.

Twilio Configuration

Sending SMS

Sending SMS is pretty simple. Inject ISmsSender to your class (eg: MyApplicationService) and call SendAsync() method.

public class MyAppService : IMyAppService, ITransientDependency
	private readonly ISmsSender _smsSender;

	public MyAppService(ISmsSender smsSender)
		_smsSender = smsSender;

	public async Task SendSmsAsync(string toPhoneNumber, string message)
		await _smsSender.SendAsync(new SmsMessage(toPhoneNumber, message));

public interface IMyAppService : IApplicationService
	Task SendSmsAsync(string toPhoneNumber, string message);


Application Layer

Application Services

This module doesn't have any application services.


This module doesn't have any permissions.

Distributed Events

This module doesn't define any additional distributed event. See the standard distributed events.

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