Password Complexity Indicator

The PasswordComplexityIndicatorService is for calculating the password complexity.

  • Set default values in PasswordComplexityIndicatorService:

    • colors
    • texts
    • requirements
  • How we set default values

    • colors: string[] = ['#B0284B', '#F2A34F', '#5588A4', '#3E5CF6', '#6EBD70'];
      texts: string[] = ['Weak', 'Fair', 'Normal', 'Good', 'Strong'];
      requirements: RegexRequirementsModel = {
        minLengthRegex: /(?=.{6,})/,                                        // Default min length 6
        numberRegex: /(?=.*[0-9])/,                                         // Default isContain number
        lowercaseRegex: /(?=.*[a-z ])/,                                     // Default isContainLowercase
        uppercaseRegex: /(?=.*[A-Z])/,                                      // Default isContainUppercase
        specialCharacterRegex: /[^a-zA-Z0-9 ]+/,                            // Default isContainSpecialCharacter
  • Make sure that the lengths of these values are equal (In our service we have 5 tests/colors/texts).

  • The PasswordComplexityIndicatorService has only one method validatePassword that passes the password as an argument and returns the properties of the bar.

  • The validatePassword method returns an object of the type ProgressBarStats.

  • interface ProgressBarStats{
      bgColor: string,
      text?: string,
      width: number
  • Use this object to modify the password complexity bar

    • bgColor: decides the color of the bar.
    • text: explains the meaning of the bar to the user.
    • width: decides how full the bar will be.

How To Use

It's easy, imagine you have a password input that you want to add the complexity indicator under. Put this component under the input

  <abp-password-complexity-indicator [progressBar]="ProgressBarStatsObject"></abp-password-complexity-indicator>
  • Pass the password to the validatePassword method of the PasswordComplexityIndicatorService, and bind return the value to the progressBar property of the abp-password-complexity-indicator
  • We suggest localization instead of using the text value directly.
  • en.json
      "Strength": "Strength",
      "Weak": "Weak!",
      "Fair": "Fair.",
      "Normal": "Normal.",
      "Good": "Good.",
      "Strong": "Strong!"

How To Customize

  • If you want to change the test count, make sure that the lengths of the arrays of the colors,texts,regex in the PasswordComplexityIndicatorService are equal. Otherwise, it won't work.
  • If you change any of the texts, you must change the localization file.
  • That's it, you can start typing the password input!
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