Lepton Theme Module

The Lepton Theme is a professional theme for the ABP Commercial.

  • Built on the Bootstrap 5 library.
  • 100% compatible with Bootstrap 5 HTML structure and CSS classes
  • Responsive & mobile-compatible.
  • Provides different style like Material, Dark, Light.
  • Provides styles for Datatables.

A screenshot from the light style of the theme:


See all the theme styles and create a demo to see it in action.

How to Install

Lepton Theme module is pre-installed in the startup templates. So, no need to manually install it.


This module follows the module development best practices guide and consists of several NuGet and NPM packages. See the guide if you want to understand the packages and relations between them.

NuGet Packages

  • Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Management.Domain.Shared
  • Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Management.Domain
  • Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Management.Application.Contracts
  • Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Management.Application
  • Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Management.HttpApi
  • Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Management.HttpApi.Client
  • Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Management.Web
  • Volo.Abp.AspNetCore.Mvc.UI.Theme.Lepton

NPM Packages

  • @volo/

User Interface

Lepton Theme module doesn't provide any UI pages. It just changes the existing UI pages of an application. Here are some sample pages:

Login page


Languages Page



This module doesn't define any pages.

Identity Module Settings UI

Lepton Theme module adds a new tab to the Settings page to customize the behavior on runtime.




See the LeptonThemeSettingNames class members for all settings defined for this module.


See the LeptonThemeManagementPermissions class members for all permissions defined for this module.

Source code

To download the source-code of the Lepton Theme use the following CLI command

abp get-source Volo.LeptonTheme 

Lepton Theme Customization

Checkout how to customize the Lepton Theme to change your website’s overall look.

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