Release Notes / Change Logs

This document contains brief release notes for each release. Release notes only include major features and visible enhancements. They not don't include all the development done in the related version.

2.8.0 (2020-05-21)

Blog Post

See the detailed blog post / announcement for the v2.8.0 release:

This post also covers the road map and other news for the ABP.IO Platform.

Major Features / Enhancements

  • Completely renewed the Lepton Theme styles and add a new one.
  • New module: Created a real time Chat Module that is built on ASP.NET Core SignalR. It currently has only the MVC / Razor Pages UI. Angular UI is on the way.
  • Implemented module entity extension system for the Angular UI. Also improved the system to better handle float/double/decimal, date, datetime, enum and boolean properties.
  • Gravatar integration for the Angular UI.
  • Managing product groups on a tree view for the EasyCRM sample application.

What's Coming Next?

The following features are currently being developed and will be released in the next versions:

  • Organization units system for the identity module to create hierarchical organization units and manage their members and roles.
  • A File Management Module that is used to manage (upload/download) and share files between users.
  • Angular UI for the Chat Module and the Easy CRM.

Also see the road map for middle and long term planning.

2.7.0 (2020-05-07)

Blog Post

See the detailed blog post / announcement for the v2.7.0 release:

Major Features

  • New module: Text template management (with angular and mvc UI - document is coming).
  • Dynamically add properties to current entities of the depended modules (see module entity extensions)
  • To be able to add navigation properties to entities with the ABP Suite (see navigation properties)
  • Dynamically add data table columns on the user interface (see the documents: angular, mvc)
  • Created a rich sample solution, named "Easy CRM" (see the document)

Other Enhancements

  • Allow to dynamically override the logo.
  • Optimize database migrations & seed code for multi-tenant multi-database systems.
  • ABP Suite: Make menu item active on navigation menu when selected.
  • ABP Suite: Improve enum usage while creating new entities.
  • Bug fixes in the Lepton Theme, ABP Suite and other modules.
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