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Getting Started

This tutorial assumes that you've already purchased an ABP Commercial license and have an active ABP Commercial account.

This document assumes that you prefer to use MVC / Razor Pages as the UI framework and Entity Framework Core as the database provider. For other options, please change the preference on top of this document.

Create a new project

There are two ways of creating a new project: ABP Suite and ABP CLI.

Using the ABP Suite to create a new project

ABP Suite is the recommended way to create new solutions for the ABP Commercial.

Run the ABP Suite with the following command:

abp suite

This command starts the ABP Suite and opens in your default browser:


Click to the Create a new solution button and fill the modal form:


Select the UI framework, Database provider and other options based on your preferences then click to the OK button.

You can use different level of namespaces; e.g. BookStore, Acme.BookStore or Acme.Retail.BookStore.

Using the ABP CLI to create a new project

Use the new command of the ABP CLI to create a new project:

abp new Acme.BookStore -t app-pro

You can use different level of namespaces; e.g. BookStore, Acme.BookStore or Acme.Retail.BookStore.

Mobile Development

When you create a new application, the solution includes react-native folder by default. This is a basic React Native startup template to develop mobile applications integrated to your ABP based backends.

If you don't plan to develop a mobile application with React Native, you can safely delete the react-native folder.

You can specifying the -m none option to the ABP CLI to not create the react-native folder in the beginning.

See the Getting Started with the React Native document to learn how to configure and run the React Native application.

ABP CLI commands & options

ABP CLI document covers all of the available commands and options for the ABP CLI. The main difference for the ABP Commercial is the template names. See the ABP Commercial Startup Templates document for other commercial templates.

The solution structure

The solution has a layered structure (based on the Domain Driven Design) and contains unit & integration test projects. See the solution structure document to understand the solution structure in details.

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