ABP Commercial Road Map

This document provides a road map, release schedule and planned features for the ABP Commercial.

We are releasing ABP Commercial and ABP Framework together and developing the features in sync. So, you may also want to check the road map for the ABP Framework.

The Next Version

The next feature version will be 7.0 and released in December, 2022. We are constantly improving existing modules and tools and introducing new features. See the Backlog Items section for a list of major features considered for the next versions.

Backlog Items

Here, a list of major items in the backlog we are considering to work on in the next versions.

  • Tooling to automate and make easy to develop, run and deploy distributed solutions.
  • New styles, components and features for the LeptonX theme.
  • Payment module: Invoice system.
  • Real-time notification system.
  • Dynamic dashboard system.
  • User guiding module.
  • Account module: Authority delegation, Google authenticator integration.
  • gRPC integration and implementation for all the pre-built modules.
  • CMS Kit features, including FAQ, spam protection, social media feeds, multi-language support, and so on.

Feature Requests

Please contact to [email protected] for your feature requests and other suggestions.

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