ABP Commercial Road Map

We will be working on the following items in the middle and long term:

  • Improvements on the Microservice Startup Template, providing guides for different architectures and use cases.
  • CMS Kit as a set of full-stack reusable CMS components (like articles, newsletter, FAQ, comments, contact form, tags, image gallery).
  • Subscription and payment system for the SaaS module.
  • Generic forms module to dynamically create and fill forms.
  • Dynamic dashboard system.
  • Real-time notification system.
  • New application modules like user guiding, email sending and more...
  • New themes & theme styles (including public/corporate web site themes).
  • More module extension points.
  • More code generation / developer assistance features for the ABP Suite.
  • gRPC integration and implementation for all the pre-built modules.
  • New features to existing modules.

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