Creating a New Microservice Solution

There are 2 ways of creating a new solution from the microservice startup template:

  • ABP Suite

    Write abp suite command to your shell to open ABP Suite. Then click Create a new solution button on the home page. Choose Microservice template from the template type drop down.

    Create a new microservice with Suite


    The following command creates a new microservice solution with the default UI option MVC and based the latest stable version.

    abp new <solution name> -t microservice-pro -u mvc

    UI options:

    • MVC

      • abp new <solution name> -t microservice-pro -u mvc
    • Angular

      • abp new <solution name> -t microservice-pro -u angular
    • Blazor WASM

      • abp new <solution name> -t microservice-pro -u blazor
    • Blazor Server

      • abp new <solution name> -t microservice-pro -u blazor-server

    You can also add the following parameters:

    • --preview: creates a new solution with the latest preview version.
    • -csf : creates a new solution inside a new folder with the same solution name.
    • --output-folder: creates a new solution into the given path.
    • --version: creates a new solution based on a specific version.

    Check out ABP CLI documentation, for further information.

  • Create microservice Angular solution in a new folder with preview version:
    • abp new Acme.BookStore -t microservice-pro -u angular --preview -csf
  • Create microservice Blazor Server solution in the given output path within a new folder same as solution name
    • abp new Acme.BookStore -t microservice-pro -u blazor-server --output-folder "C:\MyProjects\Stables\" -csf

Some options are not available for the microservice template. Therefore you cannot change the default database provider Entity Framework Core. Also --separate-auth-server parameter is ignored since it comes already with a separate Auth Server.


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